Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon Clones 7, 15, 337
Barrel Aged 20 Months in 100% New French Oak
14.5% Alcohol

$155  750ml, Min 3 Pack


The 2017 growing season was characterized by intense heat in the last week of August in an otherwise benign growing season. Record rains earlier in the year following years of drought allowed the vines to recover and persevere the heat. With cool evenings created by the dense forest at the edge of the vineyard, along with careful canopy management, the vines were able to withstand the intense heat with minimal impact. This cooling of the vines earlier in the evening allows better acid development instead of excessive sugar – the ideal micro-climate for Cabernet with hot days and cool nights. During the heatwave, the vines shut down but came back to life in mid-September resulting in wines with harmonious balance and freshness. The 2017 vintage is a very approachable vintage, lower in alcohol than 2016, very good acidity and highly aromatic wines. Thomas Rivers Brown is an artist at making gorgeous wines for SODHANI Vineyards no matter what nature throws his way.

Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown Notes

This wine is rich with color, aromas and layers of flavor complexity. The color in the glass can best be described as an opaque purple, with a dark plum halo. Aromatic notes swell from the glass suggesting lilac, cocoa powder, macerated blueberries, eucalyptus, and cedar. The mouthfeel of this wine expresses itself with chewy layers of spice-dusted blackberries, cinnamon stick, cassis reduction, crushed rock and distressed leather. While still young, this wine shows great potential to go the distance over 10+ years. The flavors are intricately packed and will benefit with several hours in a decanter or a few years in the cellar.