Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon Clones 7, 15, 337
Barrel Aged 20 Months in 100% New French Oak
14.5% Alcohol

$170  750ml, Min 3 Pack


This vintage produced wines that are very plush and approachable at an early stage. This benefits the SODHANI vineyard, as it does in many years, produce robust mountain-quality fruit full of layers and complexity that sometimes take a few years to open up and show their true colors and most vivid expression. The crop load was naturally balanced in 2016 which is the result of years of making small adjustments in the farming to create evenness and harmony throughout the blocks. That balance and harmony is presented beautifully in this wine.

Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown Notes

The wine exhibits a royal purple hue in the glass that is nearly opaque. Seductive aromas of spice –dusted blackberry compote, sandalwood, nutmeg and lilac emerge in concert. On the palate, there are saturated fruit and spice notes that compliment each other in equal parts. This wine has a lot of intensity and vivacious energy from the balanced acidity that carries the palate trajectory from front to back with a clean, sleek finish. There is a regal balance of hedonistic fruit notes and structural components that make this wine memorable. You will certainly be thinking about it well after the last sip.